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Project Description

The queries in this project help the SSRS developer and administrator better understand the way the SQL Server Reporting Services stores reports in the ReportServer database, as well as to investigate catalog contents.


There are now actually two downloads available in this codeplex project:
  • "SSRS Catalog Queries SSMS Project"
  • "SSRS Report Extracts Using SSIS"

"SSRS Catalog Queries SSMS Project"

The scripts in the project are based on my "Extracting SSRS Report RDL (XML) from the ReportServer database" blog post at:

I will expand this documentation here in the future, but for now you can read the blog post above.

"SSRS Report Extracts Using SSIS"

This is a really cool SSIS project that uses the a modified queries from the "SSRS Catalog Queries SSMS Project" to extract catalog item contennts as binary, and then uses SSIS's "Export Column" data flow transformation to save the binary content as a file in the file system. The package even mirrors the reporting services folder structre as file system files.

An earlier (less capable) version of the package is discussed in this blog post:

Extracting SSRS Content using the SSIS “Export Column” Component

License Disclaimer

I have not read through the licenses and their restrictions / provisions. I have temporarily selected the Apache 2.0 License simply because it was the first one in the list of options presented by CodePlex,, but I am willing to change it if it is too restrictive for your puproses. I personally don't care what you do with these scripts as long as you don't try to blame me for any problems arising from their use. If the current license is problematic for you, suggest a better one, and I will review it!


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